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 2.5 million Australians live below the poverty line, and one out of every four are children.

The First Seeds Fund is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse at the grass roots level within Australia.

The purpose of The First Seeds Fund is to improve the lives of women and children in Australia. They do this by providing funding to a number of community-based initiative that focuses on:

  • community support
  • education programs
  • employment opportunities.

“The power of the First Seeds Fund comes not in the strength of the individual but through collaboration, the creation of a singular strong voice and a strategic approach to philanthropy,” says Janine Garner, founder of the First Seeds Fund.

To make a donation to the First Seeds Fund please click here for a donation form. Any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible.



"Together we can all become architects of change."

Janine Garner, founder of the First Seed Fund

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