The First Seeds Fund is a philanthropic fund committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse at the grass roots level within Australia.

Our purpose is to improve lives of women and children in Australia-with a focus on community support, education and employment opportunities.


The First Seeds Fund is Australia’s first Gift Giving Circle. As fully registered charity it is built on a solid foundation of governance, passion and commitment to women and children.

For a full description of our governance structure and the role of individual directors please refer to the charter on our website.

Position Statements:

  1. What are we going to do?

Provide practical and tangible support to women and children at local community level. Our projects promote education and employment opportunities and are aimed at providing lasting impact and change to individual lives.

Our outcomes and goals are evidence based and measured.

  1. How are we going to do it?

We are committed to supporting projects that fit with our mission criteria and form partnerships that draw upon our collective group resources. These resources consist of money; time (coaching and mentoring); networks and connections; and passion.

  1. Why should you donate?

By donating, it gives us the collective force of many. Our money goes further and as a community we can decide on projects we wish to be involved in and those we wish to help. We have the power to make change happen and provide lasting impact to individuals, families and communities.

  1. How can you donate?

You can make monetary donations to the fund either as a gift or as a regular fortnightly or monthly donation. Donations can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), cheque or credit card by completing the donation form or via EWAY. Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Full details and donation form can be found on the First Seeds Website:

If you are a business looking to build a partnership with First Seeds Foundation we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss ways to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Please contact a board member for a confidential discussion.

  1. Where will your money go?

We commit to providing absolute transparency in regard to how donated funds are utilised.

All fundraised will be distributed directly to programs, sponsorships, grants and community-based initiatives that are aligned with our mission following agreement by the board.

In order to support the work that we do we have employed an administrator for 10 hours per month to assist us with the coordination of our projects and communications.

All board members volunteer their time and receive no payment for their role.

For a full list of all current projects please visit our website:

  1. How will we fundraise?

We will use a broad range of avenues for fundraising that may range from traditional fundraising methods such as movie nights and seasonal events to more specific projects such as project design.

All fundraising activities will be communicated to our member base and will be promoted on via our website and various social media channels.

  1. How will we report back to donors and members?

We are committed to providing quarterly online communications to all existing and prospective donors to update on the progress of any current and / or new projects, fundraising initiatives and opportunities for community support.

All donors will receive an annual tax receipt detailing the sum of their donations made for the financial year.

Strategic Goals:

  • Play an active role in eradicating poverty at the grass roots level in Australia
  • Play an active role in eradicating the cycle of violence, abuse and ignorance at the local community level.
  • Provide education, community programs and employment opportunities for women and children right here and right now because it is only through action that we start the ripple effect of change.
  • To grow our member base year to year
  • To build aligned corporate partnerships and provide tangible support to the community projects and grants

Board Members:

  • Janine Garner
  • Alicia Beachley
  • Carolyn Dean
  • Alison Flemming
  • Melissa Browne
  • Anastasia Massouras
  • Kylee Trevitt
  • Margot Anderson
  • Milly Brigden
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"Together we can all become architects of change."

Janine Garner, founder of the First Seed Fund

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