Anastasia Massouras

Anastasia is the CEO of Pure Insights: A Corporate Counselling, Mediating and Training company. She is also a sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of “Bringing Happy Back to the Workplace”, “Is Your Company Depressed?” and “Emotional Intelligence – Your Key to Success”.

A degree qualified practitioner and professionally trained mediator, Anastasia has built a reliable reputation for results with her down-to-earth, highly practical approaches to problem solving; achieving milestone outcomes for her clients. She has spent more than 10 years advising and mentoring executives and employees across a diverse range of industries in the areas of workplace wellbeing, morality, staff retention and productivity backed by her vision to grow people and their potential for greatness.

Anastasia’s dedication to excellence has seen her company achieve consistent growth over the last decade in Employee Assistance Program niches, both in private and public sectors, largely due to the quality of her counsellors, mediators and trainers who have aligned with Anastasia’s vision. She is in proud support of First Seeds Fund and dedicates her spare time to helping the Indigenous School to Work Transition Program.


My whole career has been based around supporting people in highly disadvantaged demographics with high level complex barriers.? I have experienced first hand the life changing difference one person can do to a persons life that genuinely cares and provides authentic support.? It is absolutely life changing for all involved.? Coming across the other successful, inspirational and highly talented women on the first seeds board, i strongly felt that together as a collective we can provide support, care and positive change to communities within Australia that really need it and feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing initiative.

Anastasia Massouras


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