Margot Andersen

Margot is the owner and director or talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and business workforce planning solutions. Providing coaching, training and bespoke HR advisory services, talentinsight works with both businesses and individuals alike to support career ownership, workforce productivity and engagement.

As the organisation’s principle consultant she brings a depth of knowledge and experience in operational and performance management, career mentoring and the development of high performing teams. She is an avid ‘connector of people’ and believes strongly that our true capabilities are reached when we unite and leverage the talents not only of ourselves but the community around us.

Margot ‘s own career journey combines an education, operational management and HR consulting background in both large corporates and privately owned organisations across Australia and the UK. In successfully navigating several career paths herself which has seen her work in some of the smallest rural communities in Australia to the worlds largest cities, Margot firmly believes that we all have the ability to create success where we are if we have the courage to grab opportunities as they arise and apply our talents, skills and passions to what we love doing.

Margot Andersen |?Director | talentinsight Australia

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Why I am involved in the First Seeds Board

Having grown up in an area with a strong local community, I witnessed first hand the positive and long lasting impact that this community played (and continues to play) in my own life. As a strong believer of the statement it ‘takes a village to raise a child’, the thought that this community is lacking or playing a detrimental role in the lives of so many is one that I believe is at the heart of so many of our social issues today.

Margot’s interest in First Seeds Fund was sparked when she witnessed the tangible difference that the fund was having in the Warwick Farm community in Sydney.

Believing that every day people can achieve remarkable things, she is keen to play an active role in seeing individuals and communities realize their own potential, empower each other and drive lasting change for themselves.



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"Together we can all become architects of change."

Janine Garner, founder of the First Seed Fund

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