The Public Education Foundation’s First Seeds Scholarship is a prestigious and highly competitive

The scholarship which aims to provide financial support to senior high school students as they take steps towards developing a successful career.

The First Seeds Fund is committed to supporting a bright and hard-working student to sow the “first seeds” to grow a successful and rewarding career. This Scholarship is particularly aimed at students who, without the support of this Scholarship, might struggle to reach their full potential.

The First Seeds Scholarship will provide funding to help the student with resources and services relevant to improving their educational outcomes.

A first payment of $2000 will be paid to assist Scholars with expenses incurred in Year 12 with a further payment being made upon acceptance into a public tertiary institution.

Examples of what the Scholarship provides include

  • textbooks
  • computers
  • internet access
  • software
  • excursions
  • participation in extra-curricular activities
  • tutoring.

The Scholarship is designed to help students to develop the relevant skills and knowledge to develop a successful career in a field of interest to them.

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"Together we can all become architects of change."

Janine Garner, founder of the First Seed Fund

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